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Goal Setting and Prioritising Your Life

With Kris Robertson

Goal setting and prioritising your life is the perfect place to start your journey of personal development. Goals can only be reached through clarity, the vehicle of a plan, the ability to keep your mind focussed and action.

Overcoming Negative Thinking

With Pam Lidford

Negative thinking and the negative thoughts that present themselves into external situations in your life will limit your personal potential. Subconscious negative mind chatter will keep you from achieving your goals and doing things differently to achieve more.

Upgrade Your Life To Accelerate Your Success

With Bev James

My question to you is - so many of us are offered the opportunity to upgrade our apps, our computer programs, our phones, our TV viewing packages - but if you were to upgrade yourself, what skills, abilities or behaviours would you like to upgrade?

Making An Impact With Image

With Ann Skidmore

Consider the image and impact you want to have in your personal and professional lives. What is your brand and identity?

Creating A Vision For A Fulfilled Life

With Dawn Breslin

By creating a strong vision for what you would love to have, be or do in life you are broadening your idea of what is possible for you. A vision board outwardly creates a compelling image of your inner desires and keeps your goals constant in your mind.

Mastering Your Communication with NLP

With Sarah Urquhart

Understanding more about yourself and others is the key to mastering communication. NLP is easy to implement in everyday life and will help you understand exactly how powerful your thoughts affect your feelings and behaviours.

Remaining Resilient and Facing Challenges Head On

With John Perry

Resilience is such a key life skill to have. It is your ability to adapt to any situation and recover quickly from stress or adversity. This module will show you how to build your resilience so you can combat challenges with ease and break through any stress barriers you may be experiencing.

Goal Setting For Success!

With Kris Robertson

Goal setting is the one activity that sets apart those who just get by in life and those who are successful. We’ve already touched on the importance of goal setting in previous modules; this module will take your goal setting to the next level. By working through this module you will continue to pave the process and actions required to create your future success.

Mindfulness For A Positive Life

With Susan Grandfield

Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness training that can easily be used to help bring positive changes to your life. Recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence in the UK, Mindfulness will help you become more focused, engaged and attentive. It will also bring a greater sense of clarity and calm to your everyday life.


With Ben Hunt-Davis

Everyone experiences up and downs in their life, and sometimes we have little or no control of when these happen. Ben teaches us about how to bounce back when things don't go your way!

Taking Control of Your Wealth

With Ann Carver

Ann is a wealth coach who will empower you to recognise and address any emotional and impulse spending habits you may have to enable you to live a more fulfilling life. Even if you are a shrewd spender, you will still be able to apply Ann’s techniques so you can have more money, more contentment and more freedom and confidence to reach any of your goals that are impacted by money.

Building Your Confidence

With Pam Lidford

Having self-confidence and being confident is a fundamental skill for your personal success. Confidence has the ability to make a huge difference, it can create trust, it helps you communicate more effectively and most of all, it allows you to achieve your goals.

Blitzing Procrastination

With Bev James

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried so if you are serious about achievement and your personal success then you need to learn how to blitz your procrastination habits.


With Kris Robertson

Over the course of this module you will learn not only what motivation is but also how motivation works, how it changes and what you can start to do to best ensure that YOU are motivated and stay motivated throughout your personal goal achievement.

Click or Clash - How to Build Positive Relationships

With Bev James

During this module Bev James will share with you some tools and techniques that can help you to build positive relationships. Unless you live alone on a Desert Island, life is all about relationships. It's about having the ability to build rapport with someone quickly and easily to feel comfortable in group situations.

Maintain Your Energy & Go with the Flow

With Evie Serventi

Defined in physics as the capacity to work, energy comes from four components of the human being: the body (physical), emotions (emotional), the mind (mental) and the spirit (spiritual). Understanding and maintaining healthy energy levels is critical to being able to fully engage with yourself and those around you.

Creating Personal Impact

With Sonia Beldom

Creating Personal Impact is all about how to captivate your audience using the most powerful presentation equipment in the world; you, your body, your face, your voice and your personality.

Decision Making For Success

With Bev James

Your life is the sum total of the decisions you have made so far. Each of us will make hundreds of decisions and choices everyday and cumulatively they will have a powerful impact on our success and the direction that life takes.

Look Great, Feel Great - The Right Choices In Food & Exercise

With Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

If you have a busy schedule and struggle to find time to exercise its time to take control.

Boost Your Immune System With Super Foods

With Fiona Campbell

Discover how to strengthen and boost your immune system simply by eating the right food. Learn techniques to further support your immune system and leave you fighting fit.